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Making timely payments every month is a tedious obligation for adults to fulfill. Especially when we’re talking about car loans, the most common method to purchase new and used cars alike. However, things never quite stay stagnant, it’s likely that after a few years you might be thinking about changing things up, or even just attempting to refinance your auto loan for a better interest rate. However, there are few options you can take aside from the two as well. When you’re talking about a serious investment like a car, you should also count all your straws beforehand. That said, it essentially boils down to this – your vehicle’s estimated worth. What’s your next move depends on this. Negative Equity Auto Loan To begin with, if you have negative equity, or colloquially known as an ‘upside down’ loan, maybe maintaining the status quo is the right thing to do. Negative equity is when your car’s trade-in [...]
What credit score do I need to apply for a car loan in Cambridge Ontario? Under 500 only means you’d probably not qualify for a juicy car loan interest rate, however, though, this doesn’t mean you’ll not get a car! If you’re worried that your bad credit will keep you away from getting a vehicle in KW, then you’re dead wrong. According to the reports made public by Experian at year end 2017, the ideal credit score for new cars was 712, and 654 for fairly-used cars. You’d be surprised to learn that nearly 20% of car loans went to people with <600 credit scores. Statistics of car loan rates in Canada Someone with a 700 score would probably see a 5% auto loan rate on a used car compared with a 15.1% rate for someone having a score below 500. A 5-year loan of $20,000 gets you a $483 monthly payment compared with $378 [...]
You need to buy a pre-owned car, but the payments are too high, or you don’t have a deposit?   You are maybe worried about a bad credit history, or high monthly payments?   Car Leasing companies and banks are saying no to you? Here at Garston Motors we can deal with these problems for you. Don’t put yourself through the ordeal of being embarrassed by another car leasing refusal. Use car leasing lets you choose a payment level that suits you, and your budget, and pay over our generous longer terms, giving you the maximum opportunity to rebuild your credit rating at the same time. Fill out the form below If you want to lease a used car Contact Us

We offer a means for all credit types to find a payment, and vehicle that fits your budget. Your bad credit, or lack of deposit, doesn’t mean you will be

As an international student, you will most likely need a car to get around the country. You don’t want to just see one place, or be limited to public transport if there are reasonable options.

Renting or leasing a car can be problematic for you as a foreigner, however, and there are limited numbers of dealers in Ontario who see any value in renting or leasing to international students, especially if you are under 25. Some major car rental companies will charge you double, or simply not rent to you at all! Even if you also have a stable job, your credit score just might not be high enough in Canada.

But thankfully, not all car dealers feel that way. A most notable exception is our dealership.

An International Student Car Leasing Plan that Works

Garston Motors has introduced an International Student Car Leasing Program, which offers

First impressions mean everything, so showing up in a nice company car, lets them know that you mean business. Many business owners are leasing cars for business use. Leasing cars have been gaining popularity with the appealing monthly costs and the capability to change cars repeatedly to keep up with new technology and safety features.

Length of ownership is one of the most important factors to consider when leasing a company car. Many business owners and employees put a lot of miles on a car, therefore will want to turn the car in sooner, making a lease for business purposes a better deal than buying.

Mileage is also an important cost and must be factored in when considering a business lease since company cars typically get more miles on them than personal use cars, which ends up increasing costs.

The total cost of the car must be calculated when trying to figure out if you [...]

How do you make the decision between leasing or buying a vehicle?

To make the car buy vs lease decision is difficult because so many factors are affecting your life right now and cash flow is often the most pressing and demanding factor.

Leasing can often mean your monthly payments are lower, and you only need a low, or no down payment, and those are powerful incentives, but it’s a good idea to look at all the differences between the buying and leasing, to be sure it’s right for you in the long term.

Car leasing is attractive as it can get you a higher-priced, better-equipped, vehicle than you could afford to buy, and often a later model, so it may still have the manufacturer’s warranty. You get to drive the vehicle for the most trouble-free years of its life, then hand it back to the dealer. Then you can either lease a newer car [...]

Why lease your small truck fleet?

If you have a business in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and relies on trucks for on-time delivery, to keep you on schedule, and your customers’ needs satisfied, leasing means you have the benefits of well-maintained trucks, guaranteeing you will always have reliable vehicles, giving you maximum uptime.

With your leased small truck fleet, your maintenance contract will ensure your fleet is maintained to the highest standards, and will reap you the benefits of extended vehicle life, better fuel economy, and access to a dedicated professional service team.

You will also have better cost control, without the huge capital investment needed in new trucks, or high loan payments. Commercial truck lease payments are generally lower than the loan payments that would be required to finance a truck over the same term, since with a lease you are only paying for the depreciation cost

WALKAWAY™ has cancelled over $80 Million in Canadian automotive debt, protecting Canadians from financial shortfalls and unexpected circumstances.

Help through the unexpected. While most plans provide coverage for only one or two life events, WALKAWAY covers many, including loss of employment. Involuntary unemployment Physical disability Loss of driver’s licence (age & medical) International job transfer Accidental death Self-employed bankruptcy Critical illness requiring hospitalization Death due to critical illness Temporary unemployment Mental disability

  Why do you need it? Unless you have a substantial down payment or equivalent valued trade-in, your car loan or lease is always greater than the value of yo [...]

Need something rugged and work-ready? Pickup trucks are no doubt within your agenda. And if we’re talking about pickups, the iconic Dodge Ram should at least be considered. With the fifth-generation just introduced into the market, you can certainly score deals on used older, but still reliable fourth-generation models.

The fourth generation runs from 2009-2018, and the used Rams models we sell are predominantly certified 2011-2018 Ram 1500 models with some 2500 as well. The prices range from $18,000 to $30,000, depending on what kind of pre-owned Ram you want, and trim you opt for. In general, though, you can expect them to share a similar underlying road manner that may surprise you.

If you are near Kitchener Waterloo and love muscular looks, you’ll be enthralled by our Ram lineup that’s full of brutish and bold lines. While pre-owned Ram pickups are seemingly designed with only a pen and ruler, it somehow works well together, [...]

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