In-House Auto Financing

In-house auto financing at a glance

In-house car financing is said to have occurred when a car dealership lends you money directly from their coffers without having to go through third-party lenders such as banks and credit unions.
When people buy used cars in Ontario dealerships, it’s usually a third-party that finances the transaction. Or If that dealer offers financing, most likely would be at very high interest rates. At Garston Motors, we’ve taken the time to carefully draft this content to serve as a source of enlightenment just so you’re not confused when next you hear “in-house auto financing” anywhere in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Traditional auto financing vs In-house

Here vehicles are purchased from dealerships, however though, a third party lender is responsible for the money for this purchase. Fortunately we work with one of the largest lender’s network in the province. These lenders could be prime lenders such as:
• Scotia Bank
• TD Canada Trust
• National Bank
• Various Credit Unions
We’ve got other sup-prime & non-prime lenders like:
• CarFinco
• IA Financial Group
• Auto Capital
• TD Non-Prime
When you get a car in Ontario from used car dealerships, the money for that purchase is being given to the dealership by any of the lenders above, on the long run, you gradually repay the cash to the lenders plus any agreed interest charge or fee.
In-House car financing in Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph Region
A majority of time, auto financing applicants in Cambridge Ontario don’t stand to qualify the strict programs ran by these lenders, due to bad credit, no income or no credit. But when a dealership has got In-house auto financing options, applicants needn’t worry about bad credits or no credits because the dealerships are going to be lending you the money from their purse and not that of the third-party lenders.
And that’s why at Garston Motors Cambridge Ontario, we believe everyone of age has got to have a car no matter the credit ratings. Our car financing department has assisted thousands of people in Cambridge Ontario to get their dream car irrespective of their credit score. You get approved the same day of application, all you’ve got to do is fill out our secure credit auto loan application form just so we’re sure we’ve got your details at hand.
Merits of In-House car financing
• When other methods have failed you, In-house car financing will be your last resort
• It’s convenient
At Garston Motors Cambridge Ontario, we pride ourselves as the most considerate auto or truck dealerships in Hamilton, or Kitchener Waterloo Region. We not only approve your application but we take the pain of ensuring you got financed at the lowest interest rate while simultaneously working on rebuilding your credit score.
At Garston Motors Cambridge Ontario, our finance department work with a lot of major banks and financial companies like Canada trust, Desjardins, Carfinco to mention a few, that will put you in the road of credit recovery. We accept all sort of income type, fill the form and go home with a vehicle that fits your needs. We’re always here to walk you through your auto loan application in Canada.
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