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If you’re looking for a used compact car in Kitchener, Waterloo or Cambridge, you may have already researched the Chevrolet Cruze. The latest Chevrolet Cruze generation is still quite fresh, the older generation, even if barely used, can be bought with a nice discount. As the Cruze is quite well-acclaimed, it is a great option for intrigued used compact car buyers in Canada. Throughout the first iteration, the Cruze received a few facelifts, but most are styling refresh, so the car remained largely identical throughout its life. Midlife 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LTs can be found for around $9,000, while the last of the first-generation batch (2016 used Cruze models) in LT trim should command around $15,000. The Chevrolet Cruze had been commended for its handsome, dynamic styling direction that’ll still blend in well among the crowd of the best used compact cars in Canada. Open the door, and you’ll find a similar design language to [...]
The Ford Fusion is one of the best performing mid-sized 4-door sedans in terms of sales figure nowadays. For good reason too, because a used Ford Fusion represents itself as an excellent value proposition, offering a genuinely upmarket experience at a palatable price point for most intrigued buyers. And as it’s beginning to mature in its current generation, you can find deals on used latest-generation Fusions. The Ford Fusion is in its second-iteration starting from the 2013 model year. You’ll generally want to stick with 2014 models with the SE trim and above. 2014 used Ford Fusion SEs can be found for around $15,500, but pre-owned 2017 Ford Fusions received a handy facelift, with SE models priced at around $20,000. Earlier models actually received recalls that you should ensure have been carried out accordingly. Most will find themselves gravitating towards the Ford Fusion for its exterior aesthetics. It’s suave, muscular, sleek and very executive, so [...]

As of late, the whole Ontario market for crossovers has really blown up. That said, the style of a sedan can still be incredibly alluring to those who prefer something with a trunk instead. And if you want something affordable, good-looking, reliable and solid, but not too common like a Camry or an Accord, what about the fifth generation used Nissan Altima? Before you let out an audible sigh, a pre-owned Nissan Altima is actually a pretty well-regarded vehicle. It was particularly noted for offering a sensible mid-sized sedan that offers four doors practicality and comfort with the sportiness that many yearn for. With the prices of even mildly used Altimas going down, it seems like a very good time to capitalize on that.We think that the Nissan Altima went just far enough with its styling. It’s not too over-designed, like multiple recent cars coming out of Japan lately, but still features that dash of [...]

Looking for a compact sedan in Kitchener-Waterloo? There are certainly a whole host of options out there, but for Garston Motors, one model, in particular, has been a quick mover. Cue the Nissan Sentra, undoubtedly a name familiar with many, as the Sentra moniker has been in the lineup for decades by now. However, we reckon that it’s not talked about quite enough, and often gets overshadowed by models from other Japanese manufacturers.

Right now, with the 7th generation Sentra starting to mature and dropping in price, it’s also the optimum time to go for one as Nissan likes to stick with a generation for a long time. In fact, around $15,000 will get you a tidy 2016 post-face-lift example in its mid-range SV trim. But if you want a more premium experience, looking at a previous face-lift SL trim isn’t a bad way to go about it as the 2016 face-lift was mostly about [...]

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